European Tours to See Aurora


Location: Sweden

If you want to see the Northern Lights in Sweden, your best chance is to head to Swedish Lapland between September and March. When chasing lights, the further north you travel, the higher is the likelihood of seeing the lights.


Location: Norway

This particular destination is home to the world’s first Northern Light Observatory and it has even earned the nickname “The Town of the Northern Lights”. Another great reason to visit is to see the famed rock carvings of Alta. This is Norway’s only prehistoric World Heritage Site. It’s made up of some 6000 carvings.


Location: Iceland

Iceland has quickly become another popular destination for a European holiday chasing the lights. Not only the scenery in this country is jaw-droppingly beautiful, but from September to mid-April you also have the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. The one thing to note is that while November through February are the darkest months of the year, they are also the cloudiest.

Aurora in North America


Location: Canada

In Yellowknife, the auroras are visible up to 240 days a year thanks to the fact that the city sits at such a high latitude, meaning it experiences longer, darker winters. You can spot these lights dancing across the sky during two seasons: late-summer to early autumn and from mid-November to the beginning of April.

Cook County

Location: Minnesota, USA

This sparsely populated corner of Minnesota is known as one of the best places in the lower 48 states to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Tucked away in the far northeast corner of the state between Lake Superior and the Canadian Border, Cook County‘s exact geographical position affords many opportunities to spot the green glow.


Location: Alaska, USA

Way up in Anchorage, your chance of seeing the Northern Lights is high. The tall mountains and larger than life landscapes will make an Aurora trip to Alaska even more memorable.

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